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sarah Otekhile

Professional's Description:
I have had about 4 years experience as a qualified health visitor. I have had various training in breastfeeding, perinatal mental health, signs of safety and wellbeing, safeguarding level 3, basic life support, just to name a few. I have a degree in adult nursing and previously worked as an orthopaedic nurse at Whittington hospital. Over time my ability to be attuned to mothers and not just the prevailing situation whilst maintaining the balance of professionalism/conduct has made me more effective in my role. As a result of this, I have successfully handled many complex/sensitive cases, sometimes where the dynamics of the relationship of a couple is affecting the child, either where there were safeguarding concerns or where I had to identify development needs of the child, or identify postnatal depression. I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter and I myself struggled with breastfeeding and low mood after the birth of my daughter. Having this experience has really helped me to be able to empathise and support mothers in a similar situation. My dedication to my profession is reflective in my ability to plan, organise and prioritise. I exhibit self-discretionary behaviour and can confidently liaise with other health professionals where necessary.

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