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Rachel Murray

Professional's Description:
Hello, my name is Rachel and I am a Midwife, Health Visitor and Independent nurse prescriber. Prior to this, I was a teacher and senco for many years, consequently I am very well informed and up to date on the new regulations and law around SEND, EHCP's which replace statements of special educational needs and am also aware of the means to access medical funding to assist children with additional medical needs in the classroom. I have two children; one of whom has additional needs. He is on the autistic spectrum, has sensory processing issues, ADHD, verbal tics and a connective tissue disorder, so believe me when i say I know exactly what it's like juggling life with children, let alone children who need that extra bit of care, support and attention! My background has not always been in healthcare. Prior to being a midwife and health visitor, I was a teacher across various sectors (nursery, primary, prison education services, higher education, senco and secondary school, therefore, my experiences across both education and health sectors have led to extensive experience in a wide variety of areas and with a variety of issues and needs. I am currently finishing a masters degree and have a special interest in the areas of eating disorders; food allergies and fussiness; childhood trauma and the link into adult life. I am a link health visitor for looked after children (LAC) or children in care and support many parents with substance misuse and alcohol problems and consequently promoting infant and parental mental health. I am trained in use of Solihull methods, neonatal behavioural observations, antenatal and postnatal promotional guidance. I am a breastfeeding coordinator and adept at diagnosing tongue ties and the issues this may lead to in neonatal feeding difficulties. Whilst breastfeeding is 'natural', it isn't always easy, therefore, I fully support maternal choice around feeding decisions and am happy to discuss changes with grandparents also. Some parents regret not continuing to persevere with breastfeeding and dependant on circumstances, it may be possible with the right support to re-establish lactation. I assess maternal (and paternal mood) and offer solution focused advice/therapy and 'listening visits' allowing you time for yourself to think through and process your thoughts and feelings. Additionally, I am trained in the use of systemic family therapy which can be a useful tool to help unravel difficulties around low mood and depression and family patterns of behaviours that can be unhelpful. I carry out all work a health visitor usually would such monitoring growth and development, carry out developmental reviews, offer advice and problem solve around common issues such as behaviour, sleep issues, potty training, dental hygiene, exercise, weaning and healthy eating; referring on to suitable support and signposting to other agencies and loading with GP's and paediatricians as would normally be the case. As a midwife, I am a qualified antenatal childbirth instructor and happy to work in small groups or on a 1:1 basis. I also carry out sibling preparation classes and am a qualified aromatherapist. I am fully up to date with all maternal, neonatal and infant resuscitation techniques and emergency protocols. I am also used to debriefing parents from traumatic birth events. Outside of work I love to sit in a cafe, drinking coffee and people watching! I am a keen photographer and keen water painter (but not very talented at it!). I love being by the sea and could spend hours wandering around on a beach. I plan to learn to do SUP (stand up paddling). I do ballet classes a few times a week and find them Physically challenging but the headspace very rewarding!! As a family we love travelling and are often found plotting our next adventure. Each year I also spend some time volunteering abroad in resource poor countries teaching local midwives and birth attendants the principles of safe birth and public health prevention and practices. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you. Rachel

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