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Rhian Lewis

Professional's Description:
I qualified as a General Nurse in 2007 and qualified as a Health Visitor in 2012. I am moving to Shropshire in summer 2017 when I will be available to offer a Health Visitor service.

Jennifer Blakstad

Professional's Description:
I am a Health Visitor of 30 years standing, over 20 of those as a Community Practice Teacher and Post Graduate cert in Higher and Further education. Other qualifications include General and Sick Children's Nursing,and Nurse Prescribing. During this time, I have striven to represent the Profession in accordance to the 4 Principles of Health Visiting to ensure that my Client's Transition to Parenthood is all that they would have hoped for

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The aims of our specialist service are:

• To provide 24-hour Internet access to a qualified health visitor to all parents and carers who require it.

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