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Working With a Private Health Visitor

Working With a Private Health Visitor


After you have had a baby you may tired, overwhelmed or just simply have a million questions about what is going  on now that you are taking  care of one (or maybe more) infants.  If this is the case you can either hire a private health visitor or request one from your doctor. 



In the UK and parts of Europe a private health nurse is sent to the homes of mothers with newborns to help them take care of their children. They advise the mother on how to feed, diaper and generally take care of their baby. Qualified private health visitors work for the Nursing and Midwifery Council. This council maintains a registry of all midwives,nurses and public health nurses that are eligible to practice in the United Kingdom. 


You can also hire and independent private health visitor but you might have to pay substantially for one and even give him or her room and board for a while. However the public health visitor often only needs to visit a new mother occasionally for a month or so until she has learned how to take care of her baby.

The case in which a private health visitor might be most valuable is the one where the mother is suffering from post-partum depression. Post-partum depression is a quite common condition that can be very disabling and cause and emotional and physical disconnection between the mother and child. In that instance the additional nursing and child care skills may be absolutely necessary to keep the child and mother healthy and the household running smoothly.


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